Wednesday, 17 October 2012

semi DIY Project

Red underneath black shoes looks instantly sexy and gives it the look of christian Louboutin's i guarantee you will get complements from your friends! I myself have been dying to get a pair and forcing myself to quit staring at the shop window and find a affordable way to do it myself. I have scoured the globe (also known as the Internet) and found the perfect solution. stickers. so simple yet so brilliant, stickers are the way to go. . They are tear proof, re-movable, and can be transferred to another pair. Simply trim along the special pattern on the reverse side, peel off the backing and smooth onto the arch of your shoe! I got my stickers from etsy (ArchTags is the "shop owner") HERE: all you have to do is stick 'em on!

The greatest thing about them (apart from them being affordable) is that you can get them in every colour under the sun.

Hope you guys enjoy these stickers as much as i do! x

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Printed tights

everywhere i turn i have been spotting printed tights/leggings. I brought a mission upon myself to find the perfect pair for me. But with one rule, a budget of $20

Saturday 2:30 SUPRÉ: I straight away found the rack to heaven. They had so many leggings in so many colours. I found one that with a red plaid pattern that would suit me perfectly and it was even under the price of the budget at $15. The only problem was that they didn't have my size.

Saturday 3:00 showpony: My next stop was showpony. I browsed through racks like a wild women until a gorgeous pair of galaxy leggings. Although i admit galaxy leggings are only for hipsters and gils who want a million reposts on tumblr but but these were different. They had waves of colour against a purple background. I checked the price and was crushed with what i found.The price was $50

Sunday 1:00 Online: I had given up the search in store (and who could blame me, it was a Sunday!) is a UK online shopping site and i was giddy with delight when i saw they had 11 pages of leggings to look through. On the second page i had fallen in love. price:$20.check  size:perfect.check    Pattern: amazing.check. It was perfect i had immediately bought them and now i am completely gleeful.

I found the perfect pair of leggings! MISSION COMPLETE

Leggings: SUPRÉ Mcdonald printed tights $15

Leggings: Showpony. Galaxy leggings $50

Sabine Acid Bright Tye Dye Leggings

Leggings: Sabine acid bright Tye Dye leggings $20

I can't wait to hear if you have any printed leggings or what kind! I would love feedback so comment comment comment xxx

Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Pink Lip

Pink is back and brighter then ever. Is a new trend appearing? I think so. Emma stone has been spotted wearing the bold colour and what stops you from wearing it to? The key is to find the right colour for you. My new personal favourite is Revlon's ColorBurst™ Lip Butter in sweet tart. The darker the skin the brighter lip you should go!Though if you can't wear something with confidence this trend isn't for you. The only thing that stops look from perfection wearing pink with pink. We don't want anybody looking like barbie.(your welcome)I encourage everyone to give this look a go for winter/summer be bold and brave!  (Top Left ColorBurst™ Lip Butter)
(Bottom Left L'oréal Lipstick Colour Riche Pink Fever)

-Can't wait to hear about you favourite pink lipstick! Comment Below